OYSTER tanks


Oysters are filter feeders, meaning they need to be suspended in seawater, in order to maintain their quality, life span and manage their own biomatter.

We offer the only tank solution which actively maintains the quality of an oyster as if it were harvested from the ocean. We’ve spent over 5 years developing and refining our tried and tested technology.


Our tanks are the only solution that fully replicates an ocean environment allowing oysters to:

  • Maintain themselves Improving life span and storage for up to 3 weeks
  • Feed Keeping them plump and at full size
  • Purge themselves To remove their unwanted biomatter
  • Circulate seawater Maintaining their freshness, sweetness, and firmness


Our tanks fully replicate an ocean environment for an oyster by:

  • Circulating seawater
  • Filtering and cleaning the seawater
  • Managing temperature
  • Killing all harmful bacteria
  • Removing impurities

Sea Water circulates through two-tank systems. It is then filtered, chilled to the perfect temperature, compressed, pumped full of oxygen, skimmed of impurities, passed through a mechanism that obliterates harmful bacteria, filtered for a second time, and then self-circulated to create a perfect environment to maintain and most
importantly destress the oyster.


We offer rental agreements that are linked to monthly maintenance contracts in an all-inclusive monthly fee. The units will need to be fully serviced every month by our teams.
Delivery is 2 weeks from order date with a two day set up time.

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