The Mussel Monger was founded by chef Kyle John Dods with one key focus: To purvey the finest quality of premium grade live oysters & mussels available to discerning chefs across Southern Africa.

Wholesale orders are placed directly through our website and payments are accepted via card or direct EFT solutions. We do not offer credit in order to maintain our sustainability as a company.


Our oysters feed off the nutrient rich tidal movements of the Saldanha bay while being suspended from long lines that float just below the ocean surface. The mussels naturally settle on long ropes suspended off anchored rafts. These ropes replicate kelp like tendrils and descend deep into the blue, drifting freely in the ocean currents.

After 12 months of mother nature performing her work, we haul our ocean harvest from the depths, producing the world’s finest oyster and mussel.


Pristine waters fed by the icy and nutrient rich Benguela current, provides some of the finest growing conditions in the southern hemisphere. These conditions directly influence the superior flavour of our harvest. To many, this natural deep-water site produces some of the best oysters and mussels in the world.


For convenience, we are building a holding tank facility in Cape Town. From our viewing depot, we will distribute live produce and provide daily collection options.


Tuesdays & Fridays from 11am till 6pm