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Italian Parsley & Olive Oil Mussels

September 30, 2020

Recipe PDF Download Prep Time: 20min Cook Time: 10min Serves: 4-5 This is an absolute favourite of mine, and in my opinion the best recipe you can use.  Ingredients: 2kgs of Mussel Monger Mussels 1 large white onion 2 long stem of celery 1 clove…

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September 30, 2020

Recipe PDF Download Ingredients:  1/2 x red onion  50ml x Rozendal fynbos red-wine vinegar (Note this is available on our online store)  Method: The trick with finely dicing red onion is a sharp knife.  Dice the onion to roughly the…

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What We Offer

Trust! We are the only specialist company in Southern Africa with a key focus in purveying the highest grade of live oysters & mussels available to South Africans. Our sustainably farmed produce is hauled from the icy depths of our Saldanha Bay farms every Friday morning and delivered live and directly to your door, same day.

By choosing to consume these two jewels from the ocean, you’re making a conscious decision to assist mother nature in restoring her fish stocks and the sensitive eco systems and patterns which govern our existence. Mussels and oysters are amongst the most sustainable food sources in the world.