About Us

Welcome to The Mussel Monger & Oyster bar, South Africa’s leading specialist purveyor of live oysters & mussels. Discover our home in Saldanha, our story and our remarkable produce which can be experienced through our internationally celebrated oyster bars in Cape Town and Stellenbosch or in your own home throughout the online store, delivering A Grade live oysters & mussels, every week from our ocean harvest farms right to your door. Continue reading to find out more about us.


5 years ago, our founder, entrepreneur/chef Kyle John Dods met a girl on the West Coast of South Africa, fell in love and eventually married her. He quickly learnt it’s impossible to get a West Coast girl out of the West Coast and subsequently, he made the decision to make Saldanha his home. He soon realised the thriving industry of this unique and almost undiscovered town, sustainable live oyster and mussel farming.

And so, in 2015 he set out to establish South Africa’s first premium oyster bar with a dream to become the leading restaurant retailer of oysters and mussels in South Africa. The brand was magically brought to life by the colourful pen of designer Janita Doms, owner and lead designer of Toast Studio’s.

From the onset we wanted to set the highest possible standard that these remarkable products could be purveyed and offered in. We wanted to create a platform from which this tiny miss understood West Coast town could tell its story and we wanted to ensure that South Africans no matter where they bought the product, would be informed and exposed to the best that this country has to offer.

Today we move more live oysters & mussels than any restaurant retailer. We harvest daily from our Saldanha Bay farms and directly transfer our produce to our customers through our two premier oyster & mussel sampling bars

  • The Mussel Monger & Oyster Bar – Sea Point – Mojo Market
  • The Mussel Monger & Oyster Bar –Stellenbosch – Root 44 Market

In addition we deliver produce every Friday, directly to your door via our online platform, same day. Interested? Click here to find out more information. Ready to order? Click here to go straight to our online store.

All this is built on 5 things, our motto, our values, our mission, our vision and our ethos. So if you really want to get to know more about us, read a little further below. It may give you a little insight into what fundamentally sets us apart.


Our story began in 2015 we founded The MY PLACE GROUP and subsequently our most successful brand, The Mussel Monger & Oyster Bar. Armed with a mere R800 as start-up capital, resilience and dream, we began our journey as a team to build a company together that celebrates and empowers all who work in it. We empower our people, our oceans and nature and look for sustainable solutions to food sources purveying these remarkable jewels of the Capes Southern Ocean, live oysters & mussels.

Our journey of entrepreneurship today directly employs more than 35 crew, has led to the establishment of two oyster bars an online division and 6 group branches along with multiple recognition accolades for our style and gut approach to business.

At The Mussel Monger & Oyster Bar, we have a dream to expose as many South Africans to the world’s two most sustainable seafoods, debunk myths and ensure that we set the highest standard possible that celebrates the produce and our oceans alike. We have an obligation to build companies that make a difference. We’ve built that company and will continue our journey of growth which stems from incredibly humble roots, pioneering our industry to rethink business and its crews and to always consider our source as the most primary factor.

May we do beautiful business that is progressive and inspires other micro entrepreneurs to simply take that step, the first step.

Thank you for aligning your ethos with ours and may your experience through our site give you that little bit of insight as to who we are, where we’ve come from and the remarkable produce we work with.


Yours thankfully
Kyle John Dods
Chef / Entrepreneur and MD of The Mussel Monger & Oyster Bar, a division of The MY PLACE Group


To create the most influential group of privately-owned scalable premier food brands in South Africa.

One company, purveying the finest gourmet fast food, sourced from the most sustainable sources possible, sold to customers who appreciate the premium required to produce great food, thus allowing to remain true to our vision and values.




We want to change the way in which people view fast food by scaling a premier group of fast food outlets.

We believe that ingredients should be genuinely sustainable and be ethically sourced and that we have a responsibility to change people’s mind sets about food, that cheaper isn’t better and with price comes good quality that respects both the consumer and the product alike.

We have a duty to pioneer a standard and most importantly to set an example of reducing wasteful habits by introducing a mindset of less is more by offering one to two products only, out of each of our outlets.


To create a space where young people can come develop their skill sets within a safe business environment that encourages learning and growth. This is not a job, it’s a university, where we declare our mistakes, learn from them and teach others.

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What We Offer

Trust! We are the only specialist company in Southern Africa with a key focus in purveying the highest grade of live oysters & mussels available to South Africans. Our sustainably farmed produce is hauled from the icy depths of our Saldanha Bay farms every Friday morning and delivered live and directly to your door, same day.

By choosing to consume these two jewels from the ocean, you’re making a conscious decision to assist mother nature in restoring her fish stocks and the sensitive eco systems and patterns which govern our existence. Mussels and oysters are amongst the most sustainable food sources in the world.